Questions that annoy Manny

Which is your preferred optimizer?

Fantasy Cruncher is my preferred for every sport by a land slide and is the most common among pros in the industry. If you needed a backup solution, I’d say Rotogrinders or Daily Roto.

Which projections do you recommend?

Every sport varies, but for the most part I’d suggest Sabersim, Fantasy Labs, Derek Carty’s Products, or Fantasy Cruncher Projections.

What do you recommend for new players?

I’ve always said that knowledge of a sport doesn’t make you a good DFS player. Learn the game of FANTASY and how to build great lineups. Study first before buying optimizers, projections, or coaching sessions. You can do this with me for FREE on Twitch or for a small fee here on this site.

Which contests do you recommend for newbz?

I grew my bankroll playing lower stakes GPP’s ($1 & $2 in my time). I’ve always played the large-field tournaments to get exposure to huge paydays. If you need more help, play 2nd versions of tournaments as “sharks” don’t usually enter these. I never played cash games.

I'm new to the site. Any videos where I can get started?

Yep! Visit the Videos page and scroll down to my FREE tutorials. You can also catch me live for FREE on Twitch every day. If you’re serious about DFS, this is the place.

You're going to kill me, but... Groups? Please?


Full in-depth video here


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